Lead Generation: White Paper Lead Subscriptions

Leads in your inbox, ASAP: A continuous flow of leads for you

Drive a consistent flow of leads to your inbox with a monthly white paper subscription, and put your content to work for you on a continual basis.

Your white paper or other asset (eBook, infographic) is published on SMMConnect.com under our robust “resources” section – following publishing, we’ll provide ongoing marketing efforts for continuous weekly leads. Each subscription includes a minimum of one dedicated HTML promo per month, sent to the full active SMM Connect member base. Sponsors may publish up to one new asset each month!

Totally turnkey and totally effective.  

   Rates + Metrics

  3-Month Subscription:      $4,000 (minimum of 200 leads)
  6-Month Subscription:      $6,000 (minimum of 400 leads)
  12-Month Subscription:    $9,900 (minimum of 800 leads)