Website Traffic Building: HTML Emails

HTML emails are powerful products that not only send traffic to your website – they can also fulfill the additional marketing goals of brand building/positioning and lead generation. When properly strategized and worded, HTML “blasts” become a primary tool for pushing prospects to your website with a promise of something of value there for the recipient. Through each HTML campaign, we send your message to 5,000 sales and marketing management professionals with the option to target your preferred demographics. 

Contact your sales rep if you’d like more information regarding the filter demographics available and current list count.

Placement Type

2024 Rate

1 HTML email


2 HTML emails

$2,200 each

3 HTML emails

$1,900 each

4+ HTML emails

$1,500 each

Design Fee (we build your HTML using supplied graphics and copy)

Additional $400 per HTML


  • Average open rate: 20 - 30%

  • Average click-to-open rate: 15 - 18%