Website Traffic Building: Retargeting

Retargeting campaigns allow SMM to deliver your banner ads to our website visitors AFTER they have left our website. Once visitors have been to, they become a member of our retargeting lists. This program allows you VIP access to market directly to this highly qualified audience!

When your banners are placed in our retargeting program, your ads “follow” our visitors while they perform Google searches and visit other partner websites within Google’s expansive Search and Display Networks. Google Search is the gold standard of internet search engines. The Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide and includes more than 2 million publishers, including websites like and and Google-owned websites like Gmail, Blogger, YouTube and more.

Savvy marketers know that retargeting campaigns are an ideal way to test various marketing messages and banner designs. Up to 12 different banners can be run in a single campaign, allowing for invaluable testing opportunities and CTR comparisons. If you haven’t started taking advantage of this campaign option yet, now is the time! 

Retargeting campaigns are sold on a CPC basis – purchase a minimum of 400 clicks (no maximum!) and your campaign will run until the full click total has been fulfilled.

Placement Type

2024 Rate

Retargeting - cost per click

$5 (400-click minimum buy)

Retargeting: METRICS

  • Average CTR: 0.65%

  • Average impressions received during 400-click campaign: 120,000