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SMM publishes two or more Focus Reports quarterly

Published twice per quarter (with the flexibility to produce additional reports if warranted), each Focus Report takes a deep dive into a trending B2B sales or marketing topic. They are succinct, insightful and digital-only for our subscribers’ easy access. Editor Paul Nolan has been leading media brands in the sales and marketing space for more than 30 years – his insight, experience, natural curiosity, and journalism background drives the site’s informative content for readers and creates a valuable environment for advertisers to present their own persuasive messages. You can review our full archive of Focus Reports here!

Display Ads

Marketers can purchase traditional full-page display ads in the PDF reports. Focus Reports are heavily marketed to the SMM readership base through a variety of promotional efforts, including:

  • Email promotion of the digital Focus Report to SMM’s Focus Report subscribers (42,000+)
  • Regular mentions and links via the twice-weekly SMM Monitor eNewsletter subscriber list of 33,000+
  • Dedicated landing page for the Focus Report and permanent archival of the Focus Report on the SMM website, AND on the SMM Connect website. It’s the marketing product that keeps on performing for you. Forever!

Custom Focus Reports

You also have the unique opportunity to craft and sponsor your own custom Focus Reports with assistance from SMM editors and writers. In addition to its regular digital distribution to our Focus Report subscribers, it can be used as a direct promotional piece, sales call leave-behind and valuable website content for your own site. Contact your account executive for a customized quote!

We also encourage you to reach out to Editor Paul Nolan if you see planned topics in the editorial calendar that align with your company’s own expertise and skill. If you think you may have relevant content to provide related to a specific topic, contact Editor Paul Nolan (763-350-3411/ for consideration. Be sure to periodically review the editorial calendar posted below, as it is periodically revised and refined to meet the industry’s priorities and hot topics. 

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2024 Editorial Calendar: Sales & Marketing Management Focus Reports

2024 Quarter

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Publish Date

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2024 1st Qtr

Must-Have B2B Sales and Marketing Technology

What technology is paramount to compete in today's competitive B2B markets? A look at what technology is necessary now, what's still in beta mode, and what is more hype than helpful. 

Jan 27

Jan 19

2024 1st Qtr

Build A Better Sales Incentive Program

The factors that make incentive efforts sizzle or suck. 

Mar 19

Mar 12

2024 2nd Qtr

There's Still Time for a Turnaround

Reversing flagging sales begins with identifying the problems, training to resolve weaknesses and mastering the art of motivation.

April 18

April 11

2024 2nd Qtr

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Cash Rewards and Recognition

Our annual look at what motivates more powerfully than a paycheck.

June 11

June 4

2024 3rd Qtr

Technology and the Goldilocks Effect

Finding the right balance between equipping your teams with the right technology and overwhelming them into submission.

July 26

July 19

2024 3rd Qtr

Making the Business Case for Incentive Travel

Group incentive travel experiences are the most impactful incentive offerings a company can use. Proper structure is essential to achieve corporate goals while thrilling your reward recipients. A deep dive into how to create incentive travel programs that exceed everyone's expectations.

Sept 10

Sept 3

2024 4th Qtr

Connections: Building Better Relationships with Employees, Channel Partners and Customers

A closer look at how companies can strengthen their relationships through recognition, corporate gifting and less conventional tools such as career advancement training.

Oct 29

Oct 22

2024 4th Qtr

Strategy Changes for a Better 2025

Whether the past year has been a strong one or not, adjustments can be made to produce better results in the year ahead. We report on real-life strategy shifts that you can deploy for a better sales year ahead.

Dec 10

Dec 3