white paper marketing

Leads in your inbox, ASAP

Simply provide a completed White Paper, eBook, or other valuable content marketing piece in PDF format, and we will provide a full marketing campaign to promote downloads.

Your white paper will get exposure throughout the SMM brand’s assets:

  • Link to white paper from SalesandMarketing.com home page, SMMConnect.com home page, and SMM Monitor e-newsletter: reach 95,000
  • Direct e-mail marketing to Sales & Marketing Management’s lists: reach approx. 66,000
  • Social media marketing on SMM’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages

Easy As 1-2-3

Here’s how easy it is to get your white paper online and start collecting leads:

  1. Submit your asset via e-mail as a PDF file.
  2. Submit your logo and an abstract. Both will appear on the landing page where readers download your white paper.
  3. Your white paper will be posted on SalesAndMarketing.com within 48 hours.

Want a more turnkey solution for leads? Join SMM’s white paper  subscription program

Drive a consistent flow of leads to your inbox with a monthly white paper subscription.
Interested in putting your content to work for you on a continual basis?

How it works: Send us your white paper or similar content asset and we’ll provide ongoing marketing efforts for continuous weekly leads. White papers in the subscription channel are mainly promoted to SMMConnect’s 34,000+ webinar member network combined with the SMM master email database (66,000+).  Provide updated assets depending on length of campaign. Totally turnkey.