Editorial Content Marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing enables marketers to position their key people, brands and products as industry leaders by way of contributing articles or white papers throughout the year.

Initiatives can take the form of arranged interviews, a series on specific topics or themes, or an ongoing series featuring noted individuals in the industry.

Shelf life of sponsored content is greatly extended because of archiving on the SMM site.

Consult with your SMM Account Executive today to explore custom options to meet your unique, specific brand-building and -positioning goals.

SMM’s multiple editorial platforms provide marketers a variety of  options to convert existing materials to marketing assets. Additionally, marketers can team up with SMM editors and/or writers to create marketing content.

Pricing is variable and negotiable, starting at $1,500 for a one-page article of roughly 750 words to two-page article of approximately 1,500 words for $3,500. Pages can be added for display ads, sidebar article and other materials.

These are transmitted as stand-alone to the entire database and promoted with HTML blasts, on social media, on both websites and in the weekly Monitor.

If the topic of a sponsored article fits within the scope and timing of a SMM Focus Report, the article will be considered for inclusion in that report.

Additionally, a lead-gen component can be built in with the article containing a request for a download of a whitepaper,  eBook or similar product that generates complete contact and company demographics.

100 leads are guaranteed for $3,000.