More swag for that bag

If you’d like to add a fun twist to your next company sales meeting, or if you’re with a trade association seeking membership growth, as well as showing current members that you’re well-connected to the trade media, we’re here to help. For instance, we can partner with you in conducting a survey, presenting (or co-presenting) it at your event, and then publish it with photos from your event.

Opportunities include:

  • incentivizing your booth visitors or conference attendees with complimentary issues of Sales & Marketing Management magazine.
  • joint, co-branded surveys, where the findings can be published in SMM and shared as part of your event presentation
  • complimentary magazine or eNewsletter subscriptions or complimenatary webinar memberships for your attendees
  • a special editorial feature on your VIP customers or your company
  • post-event showcase, or pre-event marketing to help drive attendance
  • customizable options…How can SMM make your next conference unforgettable? Let’s talk!