Editorial Product Advertising and Calendar

Advertising in SMM’s Editorial Products

Quarterly Basis

SMM functions on a quarterly basis. There is a minimum of two digital Focus Reports in each quarter. Advertisers can purchase full-page display ads in one or both reports.

  • The reports are transmitted to SMM’s combined database of 31,000+, plus promoted digitally and on social media.
  • They also are promoted in the weekly SMM Monitor eNewsletter, initially in the report’s entirety, followed by promotions of the individual feature articles until the next report is transmitted.
  • Following transmission of a report, all feature articles in it are transmitted at least once until the next report is transmitted. Logos with a short promotional blurb of all the advertisers in the original report are linked to each advertiser’s website and presented in a full-page ad in the report.
  • All reports, with all ads, are archived on SMM’s website.

Sponsored Articles

SMM’s multiple editorial platforms provide marketers a variety of options to convert existing materials to marketing assets.

Additionally, marketers can team up with SMM editors and/or writers to create marketing content.

Pricing is variable and negotiable, starting at $1,500 for a one-page article of roughly 750 words to two-page article of approximately 1,500 words for $3,500. Pages can be added for display ads, sidebar article and other materials.

These are transmitted as stand-alone to the entire database and promoted with HTML blasts, on social media, on both websites and in the weekly Monitor.

If the topic of a sponsored article fits within the scope and timing of a SMM Focus Report, the article will be considered for inclusion in that report.

Additionally, a lead-gen component can be built in with the article containing a request for a download of a whitepaper,  eBook or similar product that generates complete contact and company demographics.